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Spring Bull Sales Hold Strong

April 18, 2016

Bull sales in Colorado are coming to a close as we make our way into Spring. Despite many ranchers worries about what the cattle market may do, it has exceeded people’s expectations. There was an expected 20 percent price drop from last year according to CattleFax, but it seems the spring of 2016 is weathering far better.

Over the past two years, the cattle market has seen record highs, and many ranching families across Colorado experienced one of their best years. Although this year isn’t recording as high of sales, seed stock producers are still experiencing one of their best years overall.

Despite the cattle market taking a dive last winter the fluctuation in price was not as steep as projected. “Given last year’s exceptional high the industry remains stable. There is excellent buyer demand supporting seed stock producers as well as the commercial beef producer,” said Dennie Flock, who is from Burlington, Colorado and manages as well as auctioneers at Burlington Livestock Exchange. “The seed stock business, like all successful businesses, is very competitive. There remains excellent demand for a top-end product.”


Colorado is experiencing above average moisture for this time of year which ranchers and farmers hope will only affect commodities and cattle even more.  Many ranchers and producers believe this will stabilize the cattle market even more so.

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About the Author
Sidney Terrell is a Land Professional for National Land Realty based out of our Cheyenne Wells, Colorado office. She has experience in many different fields such as sales, cattle production, and agriculture. She has a strong affinity for client relations, and is eager to assist anyone in selling/buying property. Sydney was born and raised in eastern Colorado and currently resides in southeast Yuma County on an 80 +/- acre ranch with her husband, Luke. In her spare time she loves spending time outdoors with her family and dogs, and participating in multiple outdoor activities. View Sydney's Listings and Reviews on