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National Land Realty Auction Services

We are excited to announce that we've added auctions to our diverse range of services for landowners looking to sell their properties. With our auction services, you can experience a faster and more competitive sale process that will maximize the value of your land.

Auctions provide the potential for a faster alternative to traditional sales, ensuring a quick turnaround time averaging 90 days from start to finish for sellers. By attracting qualified buyers who are ready to make a purchase, we eliminate time-wasting tire-kickers and connect you with serious prospects. Auctions have the potential to generate a higher sale point through intense bidder competition, resulting in a higher return on your property.

With our auction services, you have the flexibility to set a minimum price for your property. If the bidding meets or exceeds your desired minimum, you can confidently proceed with the sale. However, if the minimum is not met, you still have the option to consider offers that were below the set threshold. This gives you total control over the process and empowers you to make an informed decision about your property's sale.

Experience land auctions like never before with National Land Realty today!

In this fast-paced rural real estate market, more sellers are turning to auction.

Live Auctions

At National Land Realty, we offer a variety of auction types to suit your specific needs. Our Live auctions provide an exciting atmosphere where bidders compete in person, creating a higher sense of urgency. For added convenience, we also offer the possibility of simulcast auctions, allowing for online viewing and bidding alongside the live event all from our website. This combination ensures your property receives maximum exposure and engagement from a broad range of potential buyers.

Online Auctions

For those seeking a wider reach and extended bidding timeframe, our Online auctions are an excellent choice. With our website as the host, we eliminate the need for third-party platforms or middlemen. This saves money and guarantees a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers. The longer duration of online auctions allows for increased visibility and attracts more bidders, ultimately maximizing the potential sale price of your land.

Sealed Bid Auctions

If you'd rather take a more discreet approach, our Sealed Bid auctions provide the perfect solution. Similar to a silent auction, this format ensures privacy, eliminates direct competition between bidders, and limits bidders to a single bid. With reduced overhead costs, Sealed Bid auctions offer a cost-effective option for landowners while still attracting serious buyers.

By working with National Land Realty Auction Services you have an entire team working for you.

Why Choose National Land Realty?

When you auction with National Land Realty, you gain access to our team of dedicated Land Professionals. Our expert Land Professionals possess extensive knowledge in marketing, land real estate, and auction practices, allowing them to effectively showcase your property to the right audience using our cutting-edge technology and marketing tools. Additionally, our nationwide Referral Network of experienced Land Professionals expands the scope of your auction and can connect you with potential buyers from all corners of the country.

National Land Realty is the only company that can showcase your property in breathtaking 3D from high in the sky with our proprietary LandTour 360 property touring technology. Our Land Professionals are equipped to perform drone photography on your property to create an engaging 3D tour which will allow prospective bidders to view every inch of your property without ever setting foot onsite. Land Tour 360 is the most effective tool to showcase your property and it's only available here, at National Land Realty.

In addition to your Land Professional's expertise and guidance, our In-House Marketing and Support teams are here to assist you every step of the way. From creating compelling marketing materials to managing inquiries and logistics, National Land Realty handles every facet of the auction process so that you can simply relax and watch the bids come in!

Don't miss out on the advantages of land auctions. Choose National Land Realty as your trusted land real estate brokerage, and let us help you maximize the value of your property through our efficient and competitive auction services.

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