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Connect with the Solar Industry Leading Professionals

About Us

National Land Realty (NLR) is the fastest-growing and most innovative land consultant firm in the nation. Founded in 2007, the company now has a network of over 165 agents in offices spanning the United States. NLR specializes in a wide range of land uses, including a dedicated division focused on the solar industry.

We Know Solar

Since 2014, NLR has identified over 30,000 sites in 12 states and negotiated over 750 leases. NLR employs a research team focused on energy policy and regulations which drive solar development and a brokerage platform with access to hundreds of the nation's top solar developers. Additionally, NLR utilizes proprietary mapping technology and a 30-point property review to confirm suitability for solar.

A True Partnership

At NLR, we represent the landowner's interest and help them realize maximum value for their property. The solar development process is complex and lengthy but can yield a much higher lease rate or purchase price than traditional property uses. NLR not only helps landowners understand the process better but also helps them find the right partner under the right terms.

A Platform with Maximum Reach

NLR's powerful marketing platform and broad database of solar developers ensures that your property is seen by the best prospects.