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The New Way to Tour Properties Has Landed

January 19, 2018

There’s nothing worse than getting out on a property and realizing it wasn’t what you were expecting to see. You spent valuable time looking for the perfect listing online and made time in your busy schedule to go see it in person. And now you can’t help but feel a little despair.

Our latest technology has come to alleviate that problem. Land Tour 360® allows you to tour a property without ever having to step foot on it! This interactive experience gives you the opportunity to transport yourself to a property by moving around the 360 image and viewing points of interest that include pictures, videos, and key information.

Ground-level picture taken on the property.

Click on the dark red “360” balloons and you’ll quickly be looking at the property from another angle. Or click on the blue camera to see a picture that was taken from that exact location. These pictures show you a closer, “ground-level” look at things on the property such as buildings, vegetation, and even wildlife! Land Tour 360® also lets you see videos taken on the property. By clicking on the orange play buttons, you can view a video clip that was taken at that exact point.

Video taken on the property.

So are you ready to have your property marketed with this innovative technology? Contact one of our agents in your area to find out more!

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