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Natural Resources Conservation - Wildlife Habitat Services

Did you know...

  • ...that there are cost share programs available for habitat management practices on private lands?
  • ...that there are state wildlife programs that will provide fish at no cost to stock newly developed or renovated fish ponds?
  • ...that there are cost share programs to create and improve upon shelter belts, tree/shrub plantings on private lands?
  • ...that there are programs available to assist you, the landowner, to improve your wetland/upland habitat that you hunt and/or fish? (Without making it available to the public!)
  • ...that many states have professional foresters that will come out and provide timber stand improvement advice on your property at no cost to you?
  • ...that there are cost share programs that will assist the landowner with prescribed burning, prairie improvement seedings, invasive brush control, erosion control measures and many other conservation related practices?
  • ...that even if you have received cost share assistance with one of these programs, you don't have to make your property available to the public, unless you have agreed otherwise?
  • Finally and the most important - did you know that there are many more cost share programs available than what we can tell you about on this page, from the county, state and federal government, as well as non-government organizations, to assist the conservation-minded landowner?

If only you knew where to look!

Landowner Consulting Services:

Services include:

  • Fish and Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife and Aquatic Habitat Enhancement
  • Lake and Pond Management (Farm Ponds)
  • Fish Habitat Structure Planning
  • Lake/Pond Stocking
  • Stream Restoration Planning
  • Wetland Management and Habitat Planning
  • Prairie/upland Habitat Management
  • Timber/Woodland Management
  • Trees and Shrubs (Shelterbelts/Windbreak) Management
  • Invasive/Noxious Weed Control Management
  • Prescribed Burning Management
  • Wildlife Food Plot Management
  • Water and Sediment Control Basin Planning
  • Cropland Buffer Strip/Grassed Waterway Management
  • Nesting Structures and Homes
  • Wildlife/Fishery Monitoring Management
  • Hunting and Fishing (Harvesting) Management
  • Farm Bill Conservation Program Consulting
  • Federal/State Conservation Program Cost Share Consulting
  • Partnership Opportunities

"Steve (Van Riper) has the knowledge and expertise that I was looking for and provided me with a quick response and a solid conservation plan for my property. He is a highly motivated and professional conservationist who delivered everything that he promised. Thank you Wildlife Habitat Consulting, LLC."

-Dale Funk, Omaha, NE

Who We Are

Theodore DeVos
Land Professional
Cell: 334-850-4955
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Rod Bach, Jr.
Land Professional
Cell: 334-398-2010
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Steve Van Riper
Wildlife Habitat Consultant
Cell: 402-889-0365
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