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Land Tour 360® Tips

June 20, 2019

By now, you’ve probably read about what Land Tour 360® is, how it works and why you need one for your property. But you still might be wondering how to best use this innovative technology.

As a landowner, when you list your land for sale, you want your property to stand out. You want to maximize the marketing power of your listing, especially online. When using Land Tour 360® on a listing, you give any and everyone that comes across your property an experience that is engaging, thorough, and distinct.

Land buyers today are looking for simplicity, efficiency, and versatility in their search. They want the easiest way to get to know a property from top to bottom before investing their money in it.

Using our proprietary technology, Land Tour 360®, you can achieve everything you and your buyers are looking for in marketing a listing online. And to further enhance this experience for your buyers, you’ll want to utilize everything this innovative tool has to offer.

To do this, you’ll want to include multiple points of interest (POIs) in your Land Tour 360®. These POIs can be descriptive text, pictures, and videos. The more POIs you have, the better the interactive tour of your property will be for the viewer and ultimately for you. It’s truly the combination of different types of photos, videos, text, and 360s that help bring the property to life for the user. Here are some Land Tour 360® tips that will create an experience unlike anything else out there:

Add 360 Images at Different Altitudes

Having more than one 360-degree, aerial image, all at different altitudes can help viewers better visualize the various types of property features. Different 360-degree vantage points offer unique views that showcase the fine details and provide the ultimate interactive touring experience from a computer or phone. Having a variety of 360-degree images also allow the viewer to quickly bounce around the property from north to south, east to west.

Add Videos

Have a creek that happens to flow into a small waterfall on your property? Showcase this unique treasure in your Land Tour 360® by including a small video clip of it as a POI. Record it during the best time of the day and make sure to capture the sounds it provides to really grab the user’s attention. A video POI doesn’t have to be long, just make sure the video clip accurately represents what you’re showing! Some other examples of things you might want to showcase in a video are moments on your property when wildlife is abundant and active or the view of the sunset across the lake on your property while a subtle breeze shifts the grasslands.

Add Photos

There are just some things that are better conveyed with images than words. As simple as it may seem, you don’t want to forget to add picture POIs to your Land Tour 360®. With pictures, you can show viewers the finer details and spotlight key features on your property such as a sunflower field, newly-constructed barn, deer stands, and much more.

Add Text

As previously mentioned, sometimes there are certain property features that might be difficult to see from one, single aerial view. In this case, you’ll want to add text POIs, which are just small bits of information that viewers will want to know. Things such as the type of timber stands on the property, the location of a national park, and what type of wildlife frequent the area are all things you can include in a simple text POI.

Whether you’re a landowner, someone looking to buy land or a Land Professional, Land Tour 360® offers a heap of benefits to everyone. Once you’re ready to use this tool, remember these four Land Tour 360® tips and get the most out of this powerful marketing technology!

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About the Author
Tyler Van Meeteren is the GIS Director for National Land Realty. He has over 13 years of GIS experience in the land industry working with GPS/GIS mapping products and services including data collection, project management and spatial analysis. In his role as GIS Director, Tyler builds innovative, flexible and easy-to-use GIS solutions for agents and clients around the country. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, excellent communication skills and developing solid client relations.