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What is Land Tour 360®?

April 18, 2019

At National Land, we believe in providing our clients with the best experience and tools in the industry. Whether someone is buying or selling land, we want to make sure we cover all the fields and exceed their expectations.

Early last year, we released a groundbreaking touring technology that has completely changed the way you can view properties online. Land Tour 360® is our proprietary interactive touring technology that allows you to fully tour a property from your computer or phone, without ever having to step foot on it!

This technology was made to enhance the experience of buyers and sellers and showcase all the diverse properties we offer – everything from timber and row crop to waterfront and steep mountain properties are enhanced with Land Tour 360®.

Here’s what Land Tour 360® provides:

  • A complete aerial view of a property
  • Distinct boundary lines
  • Different viewpoints of a property from a variety of angles
  • More of a feel of the property in real life
  • Additional context to the listing photos
  • Points of interest
  • A “ground-level” look at details
  • Video footage of special features
  • And more!

Go here to see more:

About the Author
National Land Realty specializes in farm, ranch, recreational, timber, country estates, and commercial development properties. We’ve created the world’s best way to buy, sell, lease, and experience land. One seamless hub of knowledge, unprecedented data, and game-changing technology— accessible from anywhere. Our agents offer local expertise, with the support of a national network.