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A Land Professional’s Value

December 5, 2017

You’re looking to buy land. Or maybe you’re looking to sell it. You know you’re going to need some help, but who do you hire? A residential real estate agent or a land professional? And is there a difference between the two?

While land professionals have all the knowledge and training that residential agents have, land agents have specialized knowledge and experience when it comes to land transactions. They’re equipped with the skills and experience to handle land-specific situations that may deal with conservation easements, wetland delineations, soil types, farm bills, waterways, and mineral rights, among many others.

When you’re looking to sell your land, you’ll want someone who knows the ins and outs of each transaction and understands the land market. “A land professional can help the seller fill in the gaps of knowledge to be prepared to put the client in the strongest position possible when it comes time to negotiate. With fewer direct comps and the need to analyze a number of seen and unseen factors, pricing land can be much more challenging than pricing a home in a homogenous neighborhood. That is where a land pro can be of most value,” said Thomas Krajewski, NLR Land Professional.

“The knowledge, tools and marketing platform are what separate true land professionals from most residential agents in regard to marketing land listings or assisting buyers in their land search. If you’re looking to sell land or rural property, you need someone who understands all aspects of that property in order to adequately highlight those features to prospective buyers,” said Jeremy Oehlert, NLR Broker.

“That broker or land professional should also use adequate tools and technology to present your property in its best state, which should include a marketing platform encompassing a wide variety of advertising geared toward land buyers. While there are certainly exceptions, many residential agents simply place the property on their local MLS with a few still photos and basic description, which greatly limits the property’s exposure and buyer interest.”

Now, this is not to knock what residential agents do – and it’s not to say they can’t help – but land professionals deal with a completely different set of skills and knowledge than residential agents do. It would be like asking a commercial real estate agent to sell your house. You wouldn’t want to hire a commercial agent to sell your house when their area of expertise is in something completely different. While a commercial real estate agent is licensed and able to sell your home, he or she is more experienced and knowledgeable in commercial property transactions. You’d want someone who has specific knowledge in selling homes, knows the market and can help you with any issues that may arise.

Land professionals also commonly have backgrounds in agriculture, farming and other land-related areas that have allowed them to have first-hand experience with situations that may come up before, during or after a land transaction. They’re comfortable with getting out on the land and thoroughly walking it, and are “prepared with the appropriate tools to aid in the safety and navigation for successful property visits,” Krajewski said.

While our land professionals cover the entire country, each one is local to their area. Most of them were born and raised in the areas they serve and know them very well. They’re connected with the people and organizations in their communities and will always look out for your best interest. So, whether you’re looking to buy land or sell your property, NLR Land Professionals offer all the help you need regardless of what step of the process you’re in.

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