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Jeramy Stephens
5.0 stars
33 reviews

Jeramy Stephens

Broker/Partner, Accredited Land Consultant, Little Rock, AR Office
Partner, Greenville, SC: Headquarters
Licensed in: AR, LA, MO, MS, OK and TN
National Land Realty

Cell: 870-672-3250

Office: 870-539-9854

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Jeramy Stephens is a Partner and Managing Broker at National Land Realty (NLR) and the Director of Auction Services.  He is located in the Little Rock, Arkansas office. Jeramy is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) with the REALTORS Land Institute (RLI) and is Past President for the organization. He was named the 2021 Land Realtor of America and a 2022 National Association of Realtors Commercial Award Winner.

Jeramy has over 25 years of experience in the real estate business, starting in the Farm Credit system working with clients for land and production agriculture financing and started in land real estate brokerage since 2003.  He is a three-time winner of an Agent of the Year award for a National Real Estate Company, an RLI APEX Producers Club winner for 2017- 2022 and has been National Land Realty’s Arkansas Top Producer for 2016-2022.

He is an Arkansas native and graduate of Arkansas State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Business with an emphasis in Farm Management and Ag Marketing.  Jeramy is a licensed  broker in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee where he specializes in selling agricultural, recreational, timberland and commercial development properties.  He is also a licensed auctioneer in Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee.

(December 27, 2023)

– Travis S. (July 13, 2023)

– Charlotte A. (June 29, 2023)

Jeramy Stephens is an outstanding and dedicated real estate agent. He is professional, polite, and patient - I had a lot of questions. He is thorough in his answers; responds quickly to inquiries; pays attention to detail; knows the farm and land real estate market; and provided excellent advice throughout the process. Jeramy made selling land from out-of-state a smooth and hassle free experience. I highly recommend using Mr. Stephens and would not hesitate to contact him again.

– C M. (May 23, 2023)

– Ritchie C. (April 10, 2023)

(September 30, 2022)

Very communicative and persistent! Also had great advice on timing of the property listing. It was a very smooth process.

– Alix M. (September 01, 2022)

Jeramy’s excellent and professional service was so reassuring. His knowledge was impressive and I was surprised at how quickly positive responses came from his marketing efforts. I honestly could not recommend him highly enough to anyone that has land to sell.

– Carol I. (April 21, 2022)

Jeramy Stephens of Little Rock Arkansas did a great job finding a buyer and negotiating a price for all parties involved. While Jeramy acted in a dual agency capacity representing the buyer as well as us as sellers, I never felt that our interests were not protected. I prefer dual agency when selling real estate because that means the buyer has chosen/agreed to engage the services of the same firm I have chosen to sell my property. That's much better than having a buyer bring in another firm that I may know nothing about.

– Gary I. (April 11, 2022)

A pleasure to do business with NLR

– Jim J. (November 09, 2021)

Jeramy Stephens is terrific! Very articulate and knowledgeable regarding the land, the area, and the resources. Highly recommend using him!!!

– D. E. (October 11, 2021)

Jeramy did a great job of marketing and showing the property. He also was patient in answering our questions and providing advice during the negotiation process.

– James B. (June 29, 2021)

Impeccable, start to finish. From our very first conversation with Jeramy Stephens — all the way to the final closing, he was on top of every detail. Every step in our land sale process was managed with the utmost professionalism, precision, and equanimity.

Before engaging with Jeramy, selling our land felt like a massive mountain to climb, rife with potential pitfalls. His practical insight, organized approach and skillful communication removed our uncertainty and made the experience a totally positive one. Final result: A smooth, expeditious, highly successful land sale! (Plus, Jeramy is an awesomely nice human being.)

– Cathy M. (June 16, 2021)

– Carl B. (April 23, 2021)

Call Jeramy Stephens. He will sell your property giving you his all.

– Paul K. (April 20, 2021)

Jeramy Stephens is the most professional and knowledgeable property agent I have ever worked with. He gets things done in a very concise, orderly, professional way. He always returns my calls rapidly and always has the answers I need. He's the best!!

– D. E. (April 13, 2021)

Jeramy is fantastic!!!! He is always available for questions, and since I'm in Arizona, he keeps me up to date on all the activities regarding my Arkansas land. You should have more Jeramy's!!!

– Deanna E. (February 12, 2021)

Two agents- both communicated with each other and with me. Many thanks to Bob Jamison and Jeramy Stephens!

– Shields F. (October 13, 2020)

Jeramy is stellar! He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. A true asset to your organization.

– Deanna E. (August 19, 2020)

– Janet S. (August 03, 2020)

– Jamey Price . (May 09, 2020)

(April 22, 2020)

Jeremy Stephens is a true Professional. He delivers professionalism and integrity in all of his efforts. I would highly recommend his services to others seeking an honest and knowledgeable Real Estate Land Agent.

– Richard P. (October 24, 2018)

There are not enough words or stars to give to Jeramy Stephens. He is beyond excellent, beyond 5 stars. He is the best real estate agent imaginable and if anyone needs an agent, talk to Jeramy first. He is very well connected throughout the industry of buying and selling property. I was the seller, but can only imagine that a buyer would also have a great experience with Jeramy. He knows his market, he knows how to market and he knows how to put together exactly what a person needs to sell their land. We have come to a successful closing and Jeramy is the one that made it all happen. I only have great things to say about him. Thank you so much, Jeramy.

– RitaJann G. (May 16, 2018)

– Lewis G. (May 15, 2018)

I was satisfied

– Marvin S. (January 29, 2018)

Doesn't walk on water...., but close

– Charles B. (January 12, 2018)

As per the survey Jeramy Stephens is an excellent realtor to do business with. He is friendly and knowledgeable in addition to being very professional. He was always available for questions and concerns. You have a great employee!!!!

– Peggy C. (October 14, 2017)

If it were possible to give Jeramy Stephens more than 5 stars I would. I have bought and sold various properties in the USA and Mexico over the years and have worked with many different real estate agents. Jeramy is by far the very best and I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgable and has been easy to work/communicate with. He always returns phone calls, emails and text messages quickly. He has been able to bring us into contract on a farm that has been in the family many years. Given the "lay of the land" of that property it was not being an "easy" sale. I am thrilled to tell you we are now in contract for very close to our asking price. Jeramy is the best.

– Rita J. (September 28, 2017)

Mr Stephens is an excellent agent. He is very knowledgeable, and doesn't exaggerate the merits of a particular property, so I really trust him and his judgement. He has very good insight into agricultural properties.
He's helped me with a property purchase, and I plan to continue to use his services.

Highly recommended!

– Lou M. (September 28, 2017)

– Sean J. (August 16, 2017)

– Jim H. (July 30, 2017)

The National Land Realty Broker went above and beyond in the deal to make sure it went through. There were a lot of moving parts with the REIT ideas and wants as well as the seller having a realistic idea of what they wanted out of the deal. The NLR Broker made it happen through all of the changes, negotiations, changes again, REIT changing another aspect, etc.

– Shane B. (July 11, 2017)

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