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Buying Land

The Best Investment You Can Make

January 5, 2022

Purchasing real estate is usually one of the largest financial decisions people will make in their lifetime, but it’s also the best investment you can make. There are many different types of land buyers who will search for the right property that meets their wants and needs. During this process, buyers have many factors to consider when purchasing land with one of the most important being the price.

The price of the land is a key factor, but you’re getting more than just the land after the closing is completed. Although there are many other great articles that provide tips on how to buy recreational land, this article will discuss how your land purchase is a life-changing opportunity that you will not find listed within the closing documents. It has no monetary value compared to the price per acre we are familiar with discussing. The investment you make in land ownership comes with a special opportunity to teach, create memories, and share invaluable experiences with friends and family.

I’m sure similar stories can be heard from Texas to South Carolina but when I was about fifteen years old, my parents purchased 12 acres of rural land in Mississippi, and we moved to this property. To me, 12 acres seemed like 1,200 acres with endless opportunities. It exposed me to a different world that helped mold who I am today. I explored the property and became interested in hunting. I completed a hunter’s education class and began reading hunting articles in magazines to learn more. It was not long before I took scrap pieces of wood and built a wooden tree stand in a tree near the back of this land. The location I picked was simply my best guess as to where to construct this masterpiece. The first time I watched deer quietly slip by my uncomfortable and custom 2×4 deer stand was a big deal. It changed me. I was hooked. I don’t recommend letting a kid build their first deer stand, but I do recommend giving them a place to do it.

The best investment you can make is providing this same opportunity to children and others. Nature has one of the best classrooms and you will be the teacher. Nature provides a different lesson during each visit. No two trips are the same. The definition of conservation is the wise use of natural resources. Part of the application of conservation principles is teaching others how to utilize them. Owning land provides endless opportunities for introducing others to nature. You don’t have to be the most accomplished or skilled outdoors person to help others enjoy nature. You only need to be willing to try and set the stage for this journey. You will likely learn just as much as your students and enjoy the process.

Simple things like taking your children with you when improving the property, planting trees, or building a fence can all be lessons. Show them the what, when, why, and how of your task that day. Teach them the differences in the timber, wildlife, and soil. Provide them a place to shoot their first gun and harvest their first deer or turkey. Invite one of their friends to join a hunt, chances are they have a friend that would love to go. Or perhaps you could participate as a host in a charity hunt and watch the magic happen. It has been said that the act of giving pays the best dividends. Share the outdoor experience and your knowledge with them. This will be an irreplaceable gift that will likely change that person. They will gain an immense amount of experience and appreciation for the outdoors, all simply because of the investment you made.

There is more to this than a child’s first hunting opportunity or introducing a coworker to duck hunting. Investing in recreational property is not only a great financial investment, but it will also have the best return on value. I’m not talking about timber or farmland value. The real value is that one day your children will be the teacher and will teach their own children in the same classroom. They will be the ones to carry those principles forward long after their teacher is gone.

The family land becomes a bridge that connects many different generations with traditions and great memories, memories of a Christmas Eve deer hunt or New Year’s Day duck hunt. The price per acre you purchased the land for will not be a topic of discussion when huddled around a small heater inside a ground blind during a cold morning deer hunt, waiting in anticipation for the woods to come alive. Memories of friends and family gathered at the camp house during the holidays will be. That elusive monster buck or a child’s first doe harvest while on their Christmas break from school will be. They will never forget this experience. These are the important things to consider when looking at recreational property as a potential investment.

Your recreational land investment can be enjoyed all year long. Go camping, hunting, hiking, ride an ATV, fishing, set up a rifle or archery range. The possibilities are endless. There are so many great and unique areas to buy land for this purpose. You will have these types of properties available nearby wherever you may live. When you’re financially ready, buy your own recreational property and start this journey. Share this land and opportunity with your friends and family. Don’t wait too long for the perfect recreational property to finally hit the market. Learn to appreciate the unique characteristics of the land within your reach.

Remember, your investment is much more than the value of a timber tract. The best investment you can make is to provide your family with land to enjoy for many generations; it is a timeless gift that will be appreciated long after we are gone.

About the Author
Marshall McCraw is a licensed Land Professional with National Land Realty. Marshall has been working with landowners for over 17 years as a state Conservation Officer in Mississippi. During this time, Marshall has worked closely with landowners on many different issues such as wildlife conservation, property line disputes, civil, and criminal acts. Conservation Officers are a unique category of first responders that carry out wildlife law enforcement duties, assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and receive special training for natural disasters and search and rescue response. Marshall is also a hunting and boating safety class instructor. Marshall’s formal education includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. View Marshall's Listings and Reviews on