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What to Know About Selling Land in the Spring

March 25, 2024

“There’s a lot of pent-up demand [in springtime]. People have sat around all winter and been thinking about it and looking at what’s coming on the market. They’ve been getting ready and in the springtime, they start buying,” stated CEO of National Land Realty Ronnie Richardson earlier this month on RFD-TV.

Speaking to the ways landowners can prepare their properties for sale, Richardson explained, “One of the first things we tell sellers is to get a professional assessment of what your property is worth. I wouldn’t get an appraisal right out of the gate, but I would talk to a real estate professional who does this every day and get an estimate of what they believe your farm is worth.” He went on to explain the importance of ensuring that title insurance and other legal documents are in order at the onset of the selling process.

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For more tips on selling land in the springtime, watch the full interview on RFD-TV here!

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