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Selling Land

Benefits of Selling Land in the Spring

March 13, 2024

We often associate springtime with beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and an enjoyable time of year to be outdoors. While these are some of the many great things that come with spring, another thing spring brings is arguably the best time of year to sell land! Here are a few of the reasons that buying and selling land in the spring might be better for you than any other time of the year!

Most Properties Look Their Best in Springtime

When it comes to selling land, first impressions matter! It is important that the first time potential buyers see a property it is in its most beautiful state, this includes blooming flowers, green grass, and the sounds of nature that spring brings. 

Oftentimes a buyer will start their property search online, looking at pictures of potential properties. When listing your property in the spring these photos will be full of beautiful flowers and show off the full array of colors your property has when in full bloom. These photos are much more favorable compared to the dull colors of winter. Stunning spring photos will drive interest in a property, making buyers more likely to come and view the property.

High Buyer Demand

Longer days and warmer weather tend to draw potential buyers out of hibernation and back into the market. Spring generally marks the beginning of a high-demand cycle for buyers, with many individuals actively seeking their own piece of property. Surging demand and saturated buyer pools can inspire competition among buyers and potentially drive up the final sale price of a property.

Cool Temperatures Make for Great Showings

The springtime also brings an ideal climate with long sunny days and moderate temperatures. Compared to hot summer days and frigid temperatures during winter, the moderate climate of springtime is much more preferable for showing properties. 

Buyers will have a much more enjoyable viewing experience while walking properties in comfortable weather. Providing potential buyers with an enjoyable and memorable experience on your property will increase the chances that one of them will make an offer.

Plenty of Time for New Owners to Get to Work

Buying early in the year will afford the new owners a full year of outdoor recreation, planting, projects, and hunting. Buying land in the spring also allows ample time to plant trees, crops, or food plots during the spring and summer months.

The hunting seasons in the fall and winter often require preparation, so buying land in the spring will allow buyers to have plenty of time for prep work before hunting season. This is another factor that drives up buyer demand in the springtime and is more reason for landowners to consider listing during these months.

Development Opportunities

Spring is also the time of year when many developers begin looking for sites suitable for their next project. Whether it’s single-family homes, multifamily units, retail spaces, or other commercial uses, selling land in the spring can be a great move if your property is well-suited for development. 

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or are simply interested in spring projects to improve your property this spring, reach out to me at or contact your local Land Professional to get started!

About the Author
Anders Land is a Certified Land Specialist that grew up in the small town of Manning, South Carolina. He found his love for hunting and fishing at a young age and spent a large part of his childhood in the outdoors with his father and grandfather. After graduating from Manning High School, Anders attended the University of South Carolina where he graduated with degrees in Real Estate and Management. His education in real estate as well as his passion for the outdoors led him to the great state of Texas to peruse a career in Farm and Ranch Land Sales. After working in Texas for 2 years, Anders moved back to South Carolina and joined National Land Realty to continue his career in land sales in the place he calls home.