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We Improve to Better Serve You

October 16, 2018

Highly successful business organizations often exhibit several cultural traits that include fostering continuous learning, a drive for innovation, and a focus on customer experiences. Those practices enable companies like National Land Realty to achieve consistent accolades that include being named to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Inc. 5000 list for the second consecutive year, ranking No. 1 in the land brokerage sector and the Land Report’s annual best brokerage list for the seventh consecutive year.

One specific area where National Land Realty excels is that of world-class training that enables land brokers to be more innovative, confident, and effective so that they can help their clients achieve greater success. In 2018, National Land Realty hired a leading sales consulting firm that specializes in consultative sales training. She developed and led a customized five-week course, offered at no cost to all brokers in the firm.

The course started out with classes focusing on fundamentals of soft skills and how emotional intelligence affects decision making for clients and brokers. Then, students took a deeper look at how individuals think and the ways that brokers can better connect with and understand their clients and over parties involved with real estate sales.

The next phase of the course provided strategies for brokers to think through and customize based on their own strengths and goals. The coursework captured ideas and concepts that prioritized quality of clients and vendors over the number of clients so that actions become more purposeful, time is better utilized, and results are more consistent. The brokers studied methods to continue the shift to consultative and teamwork approaches for the client while focusing on practices that add value through innovative problem-solving. Finally, this second phase ended with discussions about working through objections and helping clients find solutions to common problems in land purchases and sales.

Throughout the course, brokers had opportunities to share lessons with each other, talk about specific challenges within the land industry, and worked as teams to further discuss how to implement the strategies presented. The course also integrated time management, negotiation, strategic planning, and other ancillary hard skills necessary for brokers to become more successful at helping their clients achieve their goals.

Common themes throughout the seminar captured sales approaches that are consultative and collaborative and provide a higher quality of service over those that are simply transactional. There was an emphasis on the clients’ needs and experiences. This was not a cold-calling, hard sell type class, but one that truly focused on strategy and improving expertise to make all brokers more effective and efficient with their land clients.

Through actions like hosting this course, National Land Realty exemplifies that it has adopted a learning mindset, with innovative skills and thinking, to provide the highest level of services possible across all phases and aspects of land brokerage. The company’s investment in its teams’ continued education, annual conferences, and by providing unmatched marketing, technology and support to brokers, enable it to continue to lead the land industry in brokerage services.

If you’d like to work with the fastest growing, and most innovative land brokerage in the nation, let us know and we’d be happy to talk more about how we enable our brokers and clients to succeed.

About the Author
Pat Snyder joined National Land Realty in 2018. Pat is a retired US Air Force Officer with over 20 years of service and has several years of real estate experience. He is a Realtors Land Institute (RLI) member, Certified Negotiations Expert, and a Military Relocation Professional. He also serves as a board member on the Asheville Rotary Club and Blue Ridge Honor Flight. As a Land Professional in Western North Carolina, Pat enjoys educating clients on land sales and purchases and hiking properties with them. He also likes to work with other professionals to help his clients understand the opportunities and challenges of a land transaction, and help sellers get their land to stand out as an exceptional property to buyers before hitting the market. Pat holds a MA in Military Operational Arts and Science from Air University, a MS in Information Management Technology from Grantham University, and a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Pat enjoys spending time hiking, doing volunteer work and cooking. He and his wife Michelle have a son, Barrett, and a dog named Bacon. View Pat's Listings and Reviews on