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Selling Land

How to Use Drone Photography to Increase Your Land’s Value

June 16, 2022

This guest post is courtesy of Jasen Edwards

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so wouldn’t an aerial view be like reading a whole book? I think so! Without drone photography and satellites, land professionals can’t show off every detail and angle of the tracts in their database, and you may not be able to increase your land value.

But if you are looking to sell your tract of land and you want to highlight everything good about it before you do, consider using drone photography tricks land real estate agents love to use.

What’s a Land Real Estate Agent?

A land real estate agent or land agent is someone who has specialized expertise when it comes to helping clients buy and sell land. Drone photography is one of the many real estate lead generation ideas they’ll use to show off the strengths and size of the land.

While you can legally buy vacant land, rural land, farmland, and residential tracts without a real estate agent, you may want to hire one anyway. Land agents are familiar with regional land markets and local professionals which you’ll want to consult before buying a tract.

Land agents are drone photography masters that know how to showcase the true scale of the land they’re selling, which is why you should be using their techniques to up your land’s value.

How to Use Drone Photography to Sell Your Land

By incorporating aerial photos of your land, you can put some unseen details on display. Keep reading to find out how drone photography can help increase the value of your surrounding area.

1. Listings with Drone Photography Sell Faster

According to MLS data, homes that used aerial photography sold 68% faster than those that didn’t. Although this study specifically looks at property sales, not land sales, there’s a high likelihood you’ll pull the same numbers because you’ll still attract more serious buyers. 

2. Drones can Capture Unique Angles of Your Land

There’s only so much you can do with a close-up angle, especially with on-the-ground land photography. Unless you want to take a picture of flat land that makes the property look smaller, buy a drone to capture all the twists and turns of the trails, the wildlife, and nature.

If you want to provide an interactive, 3D land-purchasing experience to potential buyers and sell your listings five days faster, National Land Realty’s Land Tour 360® technology will do all of that and much more

3. You Can Point Out Special Land Features

If your land is surrounded by trees, it will be hard for buyers who know what’s beyond. While you could go past the forest to take pictures, your photos won’t give enough info about the land’s scope. An aerial view will show everything from that tiny hill over here to the stream over there.

97% of National Land Realty agents believe that Land Tour 360® helps them sell their properties more effectively. That’s because drone technology can feature landmarks with a seasonal or spotlight view.

4. Land Drone Photography is Comprehensive

Life isn’t a video game, so it’s impossible to see an aerial view of a property without some kind of technology. However, drone photos can show how much you’ve invested in your tract. You can show off landscaping, internal roads or trails, and fencing, all of which may justify a higher price point. 

5. Drone Photography Highlights Amazing Views

If your property is located near mountains, lakes, or valleys, capturing the view with a drone will help make your listing stand out if you’re looking to sell. When you do set up your listing, be sure to include lone shots of the scenery in the background on a sunny, clear afternoon. 

6. Buyers Will Benefit From a New Perspective

Buyers, whether they’re purchasing a property or a smaller tract, consider more than what’s located on top of the land. They also care about the surrounding area, like nearby national parks, lakes, and access to utilities. Drone photography can show the whole area in one easy snapshot.

7. Technology Appeals to Emerging Trends

97% of home buyers use the internet to search for a new home. If that’s true, then land buyers are probably spending most of their time searching online. From virtual tours to smart homes to 3D virtual walkthroughs, drone photography fits right in a tech-focused land marketplace.

8. There’s No Better Way to Capture Luxury

A lot of luxury homes are built in remote or up-and-coming locations that are hard to photograph without drones. But, you aren’t just using a drone to get a picture; you’re also using it to show off the surrounding wildlife areas or lakes. You’ll want pictures that make buyers say, “I want to live next to that!”

9. Real Estate Drone Photos are Underutilized

There are so many good reasons to use drones, but a lot of real estate agents won’t use them. That means aerial photography is still unique, even for land ownership. By incorporating drone photography, you can position your listing and the surrounding area in a competitive, unique way.

10. Networking is Even More Possible With Drones

Your neighbors will want to know why a drone is floating through the air, taking pictures of the fields and other notable features of the area. Once you explain yourself, they may ask you to photograph their own tracts of land or home for their own real estate listing. This can set you up with willing sellers, investors, or possibly even a part-time job.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a land real estate agent yourself or you’re just a local who’s trying to put eyes on their property, drone photography can impress buyers and sell vacant tracts with ease. If you’re new to drone photography, consider hiring a professional who can take stunning photos.

The best way to take photos of your property is by focusing on the needs of the buyer. That way, you can showcase your tract in a way that appeals to the people looking to purchase. Did you know that Land Tour 360® gets you double the flyer downloads than listings that don’t use drone technology? If you want to take your listing to the next level, then contact one of National Land Realty’s experienced Land Professionals today and learn about how their drone technology can work for you.

If you’re curious about other techniques that great agents use, be sure to check out my website that has articles and advice for agents on topics like becoming a better agent, maximizing your number of listings, and negotiating higher commissions!

About the Author
Jasen Edwards is a sought-after sales expert, performance coach, and motivational speaker. With over 25 years of real estate experience, Jasen has mastered everything from production to coaching. As a coach, Jasen loves showing agents how to negotiate commissions as high as 10% and live the life of a top producer.