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How to Stop Doing It All Yourself and Make More Money Selling Land

April 11, 2023

I had grown up around the real estate business all my life. My father had been in the same real estate office for over 30 years and it was a natural fit for me when I got out of college to come back home and start in the real estate business. I sold some residential but mostly land deals in and around my local area for a few years until I eventually bought that real estate company and was operating my own brokerage. It didn’t take me long to figure out that even though I was making good money it was taking nearly everything I had to keep up with my competition. 

I wanted to have the ability to play ball on a big stage and have the resources to go after and get the larger ranch listings. I was looking for a way to set myself apart from the competition. 

My biggest struggle was TIME. I was doing it all myself and there were just not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done and done at the level I wanted to. I was trying to run a real estate business along with a couple of other companies and there was never enough time to go around. My wife and I had started our family and I was trying to keep the lights on at the office and at home. 

I lived the real estate business 24/7. If my phone rang I answered it, if you left a message I called you back no matter the time. It took that level of commitment for me to make it all work and I wasn’t about to fail and let any of the guys that had tried to hire me in the past think I couldn’t do it on my own. 

I can remember sitting at the office one night late working on finding a property for a buyer and seeing a new listing hit the market that I just knew I was going to get. I knew I had the work ethic, skills, and motivation to be successful, but I knew I was missing something. I had gotten beat and absolutely hate to lose at anything. 

I knew to grow and get to what I consider the next level of the real estate business for me I had to get better tools. I needed to find a way to be able to compete at a higher level than I had been. 

I started to wrap my mind around looking for other options. I had been approached in the past by different firms about joining up with them but had never really given it much thought. I accepted the fact that if I was going to get to where I wanted to get in terms of competing at a higher level I need to make a change. 

I knew I had to compete with the technology that the guys at the top had and I didn’t have. I had to find a way to afford to stay relevant in the industry. The cost of trying to keep up with the Jones was starting to stack up quick. 

I started to focus solely on the land business and what I needed to get to make my plans a reality. I stopped splitting my time between the other businesses that I was trying to run at the same time and focused on the land business. 

I got a call one day from a guy from Mississippi that had a referral on a recreational tract in Texas. He wanted to meet for breakfast and discuss the property. I went and looked at the property that afternoon and then met him the next morning. I told him what I thought and he put me in touch with his buddy the land owner, a month or so later it was sold and the deal was done. Little did I know this was the beginning of something much larger.

About a year or so had passed and the same Mississippi number popped up on my phone. It was Mark Lewis calling me wanting to go to breakfast again. I figured he had another tract for me to sell. What he had was an opportunity to tell me how I was going to solve my problems I had been chasing the past few years in the land business. He had joined up with National Land Realty and they were moving into Texas and looking to grow. 

It took me all of about 30 minutes to see this was the opportunity I had been looking for. The tools and resources were there for me to be able to compete at a higher level. I started looking through the organization and could see it was littered with successful people. The team atmosphere and mentality were easy to see when I called and talked with some of the other brokers. I firmly believe that success breeds success and if you want to be successful one of the things you need to do is surround yourself with successful people. 

Once I came on board with NLR, the tools and resources I had at my disposal were like nothing I had ever seen before. The technology that was available was mind-blowing to me. The move has opened up so many more doors for me and has allowed me to focus on being able to compete at a higher level. There are listings that I have gone after and got that I would have never been able to do before joining NLR. 

I have told other agents and brokers that I’ve talked to about NLR that the single most important thing that joining NLR has done for me is this: I know I’ll never walk into another listing appointment and ever be outclassed by the competition. The confidence that these resources and support have given me is priceless for my real estate career. 

National Land Realty is an opportunity to work with some of the top Land Professionals in the country while having access to some of the best resources available, along with cutting-edge technology. If you are looking to take your career to the next level, do more deals, and grow your business this is a great option for you. 

About the Author
Dustin Weems joined National Land Realty in 2018. Dustin brings 12 years of real estate experience in land sales to NLR, working previously with Bonsal Estate and Weems Real Estate in Mabank, TX. His areas of expertise include farm, ranch and recreational properties, as well as ranch and wildlife management plans. Dustin also holds a degree from Texas A&M University in rangeland ecology and ranch management. His experience and knowledge of the real estate market allow him to match each client with a property that fits their needs. Dustin and his family live on their ranch near Eustace, TX. Dustin enjoys spending time outdoors, ranching, and hunting, but on the weekends, you can find him with his wife, Amanda, and their two children, Maci and Hayden, at a livestock show somewhere or cheering on the Texas A&M Aggies during football season.