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Selling Land

Does Curb Appeal Matter When Selling Land?

June 24, 2016

We have all heard of curb appeal in residential real estate, but does it matter when selling land?

There are multiple things that can affect how quickly a property will sell. Things like: the type of property (farm land, hunting land, timber, acreage, etc.), the condition the property is in, the location of the property, and the price are all crucial factors. If you were talking to a residential real estate agent, they would preach to you that arguably the most important point is curb appeal. Such phrase is something you will rarely hear in the land sales business.

Does curb appeal, or in our case better referenced as “ditch appeal”, matter when selling farmland? Timberland? Pasture land? Hunting land? Acreages? Raw land!? The answer is, absolutely. Some people might call me crazy, but let’s face it, first impressions matter. Think about it…why do we care how we dress for job interviews? It’s because first impressions are incredibly important. Just because you’re selling land (which is more than likely one of the largest transactions you will make in your life) doesn’t mean it should be treated any differently. And in today’s connected world, the facts show that how people search for land/real estate is online. Which means curb appeal and first impressions matter more than ever.

An online listing will likely be the first place buyers find your property. This means the first impression from a potential buyer will come from a property’s photos and videos online. Instead of driving to look at your property, buyers will scroll through pictures on websites like,, and other popular land search engines to get an understanding if it’s worth their time to go check it out. What’s more, a potential buyer may not even pick up the phone or step foot on your property because it didn’t have any “web-appeal”(visualizing curb appeal through photographs on the web). If your property doesn’t photograph well, due to bad photography or because you didn’t prep/maintain the property, buyers will skip right over your property and simply move onto the next listing without giving your property a chance. How your property is first perceived is incredibly important.

What sellers can do:

The goal is to get the buyers from the web onto the property. Spending ample time or hiring someone to maintain the property or at the least clean up and prep the property for photos will ensure potential buyers receive a great first impression. Here are a few things that can really help boost the “ditch appeal” of your property.

  • Mow the grass on trails, building sites, and around buildings
  • Clean up trash, junk piles & brush piles
  • Clear out overgrowth areas
  • Cut and clear fallen timber
  • De-clutter barns & outbuildings 
  • Repair and maintain roads & fences
  • Construct access to potential building sites
  • Fence the property & add gated access
  • Add food plots for wildlife
  • Plant native grasses, wildflowers, trees and shrubs
  • Fertilize weak or bare grass spots
  • Sign the property (No Trespassing – Private Property) 

Each property is different so some of these tips might apply to one property but not the other. If you are interested in finding out more about what you can do to boost curb appeal and get your property sold quickly, reach out to your local land professional. These are just a few ideas that can give your property an advantage towards selling quickly. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article on “Do It Yourself Tips to Boost ‘ditch appeal’.”

Today’s society is more visual than ever and buyers make immediate judgments about a property based on a few clicks with a smartphone or mouse. Don’t fall into the trap of laxidazical thinking, “I don’t need to spend time or money on that.” Especially if you want your property to sell quickly. Paying attention to and prepping for curb appeal will not only ensure your property is properly presented and looks good but also will help potential buyers envision what they can do with the property.

About the Author
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