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Oklahoma Farmland Values Continue to Rise Amid Economic Challenges

May 15, 2024

Despite facing higher interest rates and fluctuating commodity prices, farmland values in Oklahoma are remaining strong. According to’s data for Quarter 1 of 2024, the average value of vacant land in Oklahoma soared to $2,635 per acre. This figure marks a staggering 29% increase, representing a $600 per acre jump compared to the 2023 average value of $2,035 per acre. The recent data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Ag Credit Survey underscores this trend. 

Despite the challenges posed by higher interest rates, which typically have an inverse relationship with land values, and the mixed performance of commodity prices, farmland values in Oklahoma have remained high. This phenomenon can be attributed to several key factors that are intrinsic to the agricultural sector in our region.

Factors Influencing Oklahoma Farmland Values

Oklahoma benefits from a diverse agricultural landscape. From cattle ranches to wheat fields, and soybean farms to dairy operations, our state’s agricultural sector is multifaceted. This diversity acts as a buffer against volatility in any single commodity market. Even when certain crops or livestock face price fluctuations, other sectors often compensate, maintaining overall stability in the agricultural economy.

The intrinsic value of farmland as a tangible asset cannot be overstated. In times of economic uncertainty, investors often turn to real assets like land, which have historically demonstrated resilience and long-term appreciation. Farmland offers tangible benefits such as potential for crop production, grazing for livestock, and even alternative uses like renewable energy projects or recreational/hunting properties.

Furthermore, Oklahoma’s strong agricultural infrastructure and supportive policies contribute to the attractiveness of farmland as an investment. We have a robust network of cooperatives and support services that facilitate farming operations. Additionally, state and federal policies that incentivize agricultural production and conservation efforts bolster the long-term viability of farming in Oklahoma, such as the FSA loan options available to aspiring farmers.

Demand For Oklahoma Farmland Remains High

As a land agent who assists clients in buying and selling land every day, I’ve seen firsthand the continued demand for quality farmland in our state. Investors, farmers, and even institutional buyers recognize the value proposition that Oklahoma’s agricultural real estate offers. This sustained demand, coupled with limited supply in desirable areas, has contributed to the upward pressure on land values.

While economic challenges such as higher interest rates and fluctuating commodity prices can introduce short-term uncertainties, the underlying fundamentals driving the strength of Oklahoma’s farmland market remain solid. As we look ahead, investors and landowners should recognize the enduring value of agricultural assets and the opportunities they present in building wealth and securing a legacy for future generations.

In conclusion, despite the headwinds faced by the broader economy, farmland values in Oklahoma continue to trend upward. This resilience speaks volumes about the fundamental strength of our state’s agricultural sector and the enduring appeal of land as a tangible, income-producing asset. For those looking to invest in land or expand their agricultural holdings, Oklahoma remains a compelling destination offering stability, growth potential, and a rich agricultural heritage.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oklahoma farmland values, get in contact with me at, or find your local Land Professional here!

About the Author
Dillon was raised on a farm in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, where he learned the value of the conservation of wildlife and the landscape surrounding it. As a fifth-generation farmer, he learned the value of hard work on a John Deere 6620 combine and was taught respect for livestock in the cattle pens. After attending the University of Oklahoma, Dillon joined a land brokerage as the Director of Marketing where he personally tailored marketing campaigns and strategies for buying and selling properties. Dillon specializes in rural acreage surrounding Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Kingfisher. But, as his clients will tell you, he'll travel to you and with you throughout Oklahoma to help you accomplish your real estate goals and dreams!