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5 Ways to Improve Your Land for Wildlife

March 19, 2019

All outdoorsmen dream of having the best hunting season on their properties, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. There can be a number of things that may hinder abundant wildlife presence on your property. However, there’s good news, because there are plenty of tasks you can do to improve your property for a great hunt! Here are five things you can do to develop or enhance your land to maximize wildlife potential:

1. Have Diversity

If you don’t already own a property, and you’re in the process of looking, make sure to find one with a good mixture of hardwood and pine timber, and with some open land. This is the perfect set-up for wildlife and will make hunting easier and more productive for you.

2. Be Strategic

On your property, strategically place food plots near bedding areas, natural deer funnels and within the interior of your property. Be sure not to have too many plots close together and keep a good distance between each one.

3. Go Big

This one’s plain and simple. Make sure to focus on larger food plots. For example, two 3-acre food plots are more beneficial than six 1-acre food plots. Having larger plots will increase your deer sightings and decrease the chances of spreading the deer out over a number of small plots.

4. Perform Controlled Burns

The benefits of a controlled burn on your property are numerous. A controlled burn will attract turkeys and provide different browse stages for deer. This should be done every few years.

5. Have Good Road Systems

Having good road systems throughout your property will allow you to travel through quietly and undetected. The less noise, human scent, and hunting pressure will maximize the quality of hunting.

About the Author
Jonathan Stevens joined National Land Realty in 2018. Jonathan is a Mississippi native and specializes in recreational land sales primarily in central and north MS. He has almost 10 years of real estate experience in land sales and always makes the client his priority. Jonathan is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in real estate finance. He currently resides in Madison, MS where he manages his family’s 5,000-acre farm in Carroll County, MS. He helps with tractor work, bush hogging, planting food plots, maintaining roads and timber plans. He also establishes a wildlife management plan, while implementing a deer management program with the help of other family members. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys deer, duck and turkey hunting, as well as fishing, golfing and watching/playing sports. View Jonathan's Listings and Reviews on