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Owning Land

Guide for Burning Your Timberland

February 1, 2019

As Spring inches closer, most landowners, especially pine plantations in the Southeast, use prescribed burning as a method to enhance their timberland.

Performing a prescribed burn on the timberland on your property is great for killing underbrush. It’s also, by far, the most cost-effective method to manage vegetation and enhance your wildlife habitat, providing it’s done under the proper weather and fuel conditions. Turkeys also really love a fresh burn, especially when the new growth starts coming out in the spring.

How to Burn Your Timberland

There are several ways to treat the timberland on your property. The first method is a chemical treatment. However, chemical treatments are expensive and require manpower and specialized equipment to apply. The other option is to use a mechanical treatment. Although it is equally as expensive as a chemical treatment, a mechanical treatment is advantageous to use if there are valuable hardwood trees in the forest.

When to Burn

The preferred time of year for most fire applications is in late winter, into early spring since temperatures are cool. This will lessen any scorch of the trees. Also, during this time, adequate moisture in the ground protects roots and leaves a layer of litter to prevent soil erosion.

If you’ve got more questions about burning your timberland, contact one of our Land Professionals!

About the Author
Howard Netterville joined National Land Realty in 2017. Howard grew up in the hardwood timber industry near Woodville, MS. He is knowledgeable in prescribed burning, food plot management, deer management, turkey habitat, and timber management. Over the years, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge of buying and selling property. When not working, Howard enjoys hunting with his wife, Allison and kids Lexi and Fred. He also enjoys Ole Miss sports. Howard & Family lives in Oxford, Mississippi. View Howard's Listings and Reviews on