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The Importance of Property Access

August 2, 2018

Would you try to sell your home with all of the doors locked and lights off, inaccessible to prospective buyers? Likely not, and the same logic should apply to land and property access.

Too often I receive calls from landowners stating that they are interested in selling their property, but when I go to look at their tracts, I find their properties inaccessible. I have found over the years that the number one reason properties do not sell within an expected time frame, or for the price they could warrant, is a lack of access. In fact, I have seen properties sell for as low as 50% of expected market value simply because the sellers tried to sell it without making the property accessible to prospective buyers. Typically, property access issues are related to unmaintained roads, pastures left to fallow or forests unmanaged. The result is that the best features of a property cannot be highlighted and may even be impossible to see because of a lack of property access.

When I bring buyers to these types of properties, there may be one individual willing to get into the thick of things, but they are also generally accompanied by other decision-makers with limited mobility, or with a low tolerance for briars, ticks, poison ivy, and the like. Ultimately, these buyers either move on to other tracts or submit low offers in hopes of getting a deal. Rarely if ever do these tracts sell for what the market could bring.

I always assist my sellers with understanding the cost/benefit of investing in their property to get the best return on their asset. If you are considering selling your property I would be more than happy to discuss with you how best to maximize your return.

To learn more about improving your property’s access, contact your local Land Professional.

About the Author
Thomas Krajewski is a Land Professional licensed in Tennessee based out of our Knoxville office. Thomas came to National Land Realty after a lengthy career in outdoor recreation and hospitality at Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN. His experience in the outdoors and passion for providing the highest level of service makes him a perfect addition to the team. In his previous sales experience, Thomas was responsible for developing programming and strategy that drove incidental sales for the resort. Thomas is a Knoxville native, and has proven to be the perfect agent to head up our Knoxville Office. In his spare time Thomas spends time with his wife Lisa, son Henry, and two dogs. His passion for the outdoors also leads him to fly fish, hunt, kayak, and spend time cycling whenever possible. View Thomas's Listings and Reviews on