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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

February 22, 2019

February 5 brought the National Land Realty team together in Atlanta, GA for our 3rd annual Land Summit. The conference gathered agents and support staff in one place for discussions, presentations, awards and community, all centered around our industry.

An overarching theme at the Summit that appeared several times was teamwork. It was a point that was brought up a few times, each independent of one another. This is the definition of teamwork. Here are the three main times this theme was clearly shown:

  1. One team member mentioned that they often show clients a graphic showing the headshots of all our great support staff that we have backing us. He exemplifies to potential clients that they will not only be getting him, the agent, but also getting the entire National Land Realty staff and other National Land Agents as well, all working to sell their tract.
  2. As we neared the end of the Summit, the first of two further examples came up in the event of an auction using “NLR Bucks” as currency. These “Bucks” were given out during the conference for various participation items. As the bidding heated up, and certain agents began to no longer be in the running, some “donations” began to be passed around. The thought behind this was, “If you have a higher chance, and I have no chance, you may as well be able to have an even better chance!” This was echoed more and more and at the end, when two “bidders” remained – with many more “bucks” than any one person could have possibly received by themselves.
  3. At the completion of the Summit, the entire NLR team gathered in a circle for a final unity prayer led by NLR President, Aaron Graham. Aaron led the team through a prayer that has become NLR tradition since it was done at the first Summit. The “Husker Prayer” as some may know it, resounded through each and every team member, establishing what we wish to accomplish every day—being the best at what we do while maintaining a high sense of integrity.

The title is meant to have Team and Work as separate words—the team must all work together for the dream to work. At National Land, we are a team that works together to enhance the lives of others through our innovative land brokerage services.

About the Author
Nicholas Ardis is a Land Professional for National Land Realty based out of our Columbia, SC office. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a double-major in both Finance and Global Supply Chain/Operations Management. Nicholas currently lives in Columbia, SC near the USC campus. He spends most of his time outdoors - hunting, fishing, and playing sports with friends. Nicholas is a people person, loves being on or near the water, and is an avid South Carolina fan. View Nicholas's Listings and Reviews on