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Announcing My State MLS Integration

June 26, 2024

We’re excited to announce National Land Realty is now integrated with My State MLS nationwide! In addition to being automatically syndicated across various other real estate listing aggregates, all National Land Realty listings are now available on My State MLS at no cost to National Land Realty agents and brokers. 

This integration increases the reach and exposure of National Land Realty listings, making it easier and faster than ever for potential buyers to find and view the perfect property!

What is My State MLS?

My State MLS, renowned for its innovative approach to listing syndication, is the latest cutting-edge advantage in the tool belts of National Land Realty’s Land Professionals. Utilizing in-house GIS technology and the latest land sales data, NLR’s Land Professionals can identify specific properties for their clients, regardless of whether they’re currently listed for sale. Once a listing is acquired, Land Professionals can use Land Tour 360®, National Land Realty’s proprietary 3D property touring technology, to showcase their properties from high in the sky with aerial drone photography. 

Now with access to My State MLS along with other tech-focused marketing tools offered at no cost, National Land Realty continues to empower their agents and brokers to create an efficient buying and selling experience.  

National Land Realty is the country’s largest land real estate brokerage and specializes in buying, selling, auctioning, and leasing farms, hunting retreats, timber, waterfront, recreational, and commercial land across the country. Our nationwide network of 400+ local Land Professionals is dedicated to their clients’ successes as the land solutions provider.

Thanks to more advanced technology, access to land data, more local brokers, and more land real estate experience, National Land Realty is the easiest way to find the perfect piece of land and be absolutely sure of it.

If you’re interested in finding land for sale near you, get in touch with your local Land Professional today! 

About the Author
National Land Realty specializes in farm, ranch, recreational, timber, country estates, and commercial development properties. We’ve created the world’s best way to buy, sell, lease, and experience land. One seamless hub of knowledge, unprecedented data, and game-changing technology— accessible from anywhere. Our agents offer local expertise, with the support of a national network.