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How to Make More Money AND Have More Free Time as a Land Broker

April 11, 2023

I was an independent land broker for nearly 13 years. We’d had our first child a few years prior and began noticing I didn’t have time to wear all the hats I was used to wearing as an independent real estate broker/owner and maintain my level of production. While I was successful in my field, I was looking for ways to improve my deal flow and quality of life.

I wanted to become more efficient in my business, doing more and/or larger deals faster, to compete on a higher level for better buyer leads and exclusive listings, all while making more money AND having more quality time with my friends and family.

At the time, I was struggling with maintaining the level of growth I was achieving while being able to be deliberate in protecting time and energy for my family. That meant trying to play with kids and spend time with my wife in the afternoons/evenings, then working extremely late nights and early mornings while everyone else slept, so that I could be the company president, the head of marketing, the social media manager, the secretary, janitor, etc.

That made me feel like I was going to hit a ceiling on my business’s growth, be forced to spend my focus and energy on tasks I didn’t enjoy, or be forced to try and hire expensive contract labor that I’d have to reinvent the wheel and explain the land business to, then hope they could operate effectively and efficiently.

I lost several great listing opportunities that I knew I was more qualified for than the recipients.

It was clear to me that I lost those listings solely because they showed up with a “shinier” listing presentation than I could produce on my own as an independent agent. Although I was more experienced and more qualified than the agent that won the listings, my brand didn’t appear that way to anyone that didn’t know me and was judging my company purely by its size or depth chart.

So I decided to explore franchise opportunities so I could operate at a more competitive level in the future. But there was still a problem…

I’d explored this type of thing before, both on my own and when those companies actively recruited me. Every time I looked into it, I couldn’t find value, only costs. There was no level of accountability from them, many of them were fee-driven structures, and ultimately the only thing they really provided was the right to use their logo and name… no support, no tools, no innovation, and almost all of them wanted to lock me into a long term contract for 5+ years, so I was stuck with them whether I was happy or not.

So, I ended up searching for a hybrid option, something that would provide the technology and marketing solutions I could use to strengthen my independent brand. In doing that, I discovered National Land Realty.

We met, and after discussing their structure, I realized that aligning with National Land would allow me to achieve all of my goals for growing my business without any long-term commitment or costs.

This meant I could now maintain my current growth rate and achieve a level of success I previously thought impossible because of the 2+2=5 effect of combining my ability as a land broker with the NLR brand, toolset, and support team they supplied to me, all while having more free time to spend with my family and maintaining my freedom as an independent broker.

My net income is over double what it was the day I got here as an independent owner, and I have a support team around me that allows me the freedom to enjoy time with my family and get a full night’s sleep, something I rarely had before.

With all of the day-to-day minutia and costs of running a real estate business off of my plate after I joined the NLR team, I was able to focus on creating listing and buyer pipelines that supply me with more and bigger deals than I’ve ever had before. I’ve been the top producing agent in the country at NLR for 5 years now and earned awards as the top land broker in my state as well as national production awards from NAR and RLI, none of which would’ve been possible without the help of NLR.

Happy wife, happy life! Early in my career, I was focused solely on domination: how much I could sell and how much money I could make. As I aged, had kids, and developed a hunger to enjoy the outdoors as much as I worked in them, my focus turned towards achieving a balance of steady growth in my business while maintaining a quality of life that wouldn’t result in my only achievement on my headstone being my overall sales stats. That made my wife happier, therefore I am happier.

Regardless of what your motivations are as a land broker, if you want to make more money and have more free time, all without having any long-term commitments or fees, there is no better option than National Land Realty.

About the Author
Clint is the managing broker for National Land Realty throughout the Gulf Coast region. He is a multimillion dollar producer in his service area and one of few agents in the southeast to be awarded the esteemed Accredited Land Consultants designation (ALC). He has been in the land business since 2004 and is licensed in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Clint specializes in the sale, acquisition, and assemblage of large commercial, agricultural, recreational, timberland, and conservation easement properties. He is also a board member of the Alabama Chapter of the Realtors® Land Institute and the Alabama Forest Resources Center. View Clint's Listings and Reviews on