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The National Land Podcast

Expert Guide to Whitetail Deer Land Prep for Hunting Season

September 5, 2023

Hunting season is almost here and we are here to talk about hunting land. Owners of hunting land, newly acquired or family heirloom acreage, work to improve hunting land year-round. Food plots have been planted, clearings created, cover scanned, and trail cams have been hung in strategic areas. It’s an exciting time of the year for all of you, but it can be anxiety-inducing for the other folks out there who have been too busy to get out and make land improvements to hunting land. We have tips today for all of you.

Today Mac Christian is talking to Jay Cassels. Jay Cassels served for eight years as a Green Beret in the United States Army Special Forces, holds a bachelor’s degree in management information systems, a master’s in telecommunications, is president of the Eastern Oklahoma branch of the National Deer Association, is a land certification inspector, a certified deer steward I and II, owner of the first legacy property in Oklahoma, and holds Accredited Land Consultant designation from the Realtors Land Institute. Needless to say, Jay Cassels is somebody you want to listen to if you have any kind of questions on whitetail deer hunting properties.

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