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The Difference Between a Land Agent and Other Real Estate Agents

January 5, 2024

Finding the right real estate professional is similar to picking a doctor, if you have knee pain, you will want to see a knee specialist, if you have heart problems, you will want to seek help from a cardiologist. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell land, it is important to get assistance from a land agent.

When it comes to real estate, agents are often all grouped under the same “Realtor®” umbrella. While most real estate agents often hold the same real estate license, it is important to note that not all “Realtors®” are the same. Some may specialize in selling luxury homes, while others specialize in selling condos. As Land Professionals with National Land Realty, we specialize in LAND!

Benefits of Working With a Land Agent

As land agents, we are showing land, talking to people about land, and researching land every single day! This specific focus on only selling land, as opposed to a variety of residential or commercial types of properties, gives us a wealth of knowledge about land and helps us better serve our clients’ needs.

More Accuracy

One of the first steps in buying or selling land is coming up with a valuation of a piece of property. A land agent is a great asset in this process since as a seller it is important to understand all the features and benefits of your property to ensure you ask top dollar for your property. 

As a buyer, your agent must know all of the features and potential pitfalls of a property. These drawbacks could include access, floodplain, or the inability to build on a piece of land. Partnering with a land agent will prevent you from overpaying for a property with these negative features.

A Better Look at the Land

For both buyers and sellers, a Land Professional’s expertise can drastically improve the property viewing experience. From different approaches to showing a property to unique applications of technology to present a listing in the best light possible! 

When it comes to touring properties as a potential buyer, this experience can be quite different from touring a home. Showing everything that a property has to offer often requires some form of off-road vehicle to access every part of a property. A good land agent will spend time walking the property with a buyer before jumping into a truck or side-by-side to traverse and showcase the harder-to-access parts of the property. For buyers, getting a holistic view of the entire property is important to ensure the property meets all of their must-have requirements. 

As a seller, it’s important to understand that photographing and marketing land requires a different set of skills from a residential real estate sale. Different from a home where a camera or even an iPhone is all that’s needed to accurately present the residence to potential buyers, effectively photographing an entire property poses a unique challenge. This is why many Land Professionals are experienced in utilizing aerial drone photography to better show off all the features that make a seller’s property unique. Some brokerages even employ 3D property touring technology to showcase listings like never before, such as Land Tour 360®!

Greater Visibility

By working with a land agent, sellers can have their property shown across a variety of websites and online sources since many land brokerages partner with premier land listing websites such as, Land Watch, and more to enhance the marketing of a listing. This gives a property maximum visibility to potential buyers looking to acquire land and increases the chances that the right buyer will come along and make a purchase. 

Working with a land specialist is also a way to find properties and listings that may not be available to a normal real estate agent or the general public. As land agents, we have conversations with landowners, land investors, and other real estate professionals each and every day. Because of this constant communication we often hear of “off-market” opportunities that a buyer or seller may never hear about if they are partnered with a traditional real estate agent. There are also listings on local MLS sites that are only visible to licensed real estate professionals, which may fly under your radar without the help of a Land Professional.

While there are plenty of great real estate agents in the housing sector and great land agents in the land industry, it is important that you align yourself with a professional that best represents your real estate needs. 
If you’re ready to learn more about what a Land Professional can do for you, find one near you by clicking here!

About the Author
Anders Land is a Certified Land Specialist that grew up in the small town of Manning, South Carolina. He found his love for hunting and fishing at a young age and spent a large part of his childhood in the outdoors with his father and grandfather. After graduating from Manning High School, Anders attended the University of South Carolina where he graduated with degrees in Real Estate and Management. His education in real estate as well as his passion for the outdoors led him to the great state of Texas to peruse a career in Farm and Ranch Land Sales. After working in Texas for 2 years, Anders moved back to South Carolina and joined National Land Realty to continue his career in land sales in the place he calls home.