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Broiler Farms vs. Breeder Farms

June 19, 2019

Whether you’re looking into investing in a chicken farm or are just interested in learning about them, the differences between broiler farms and breeder farms can be confusing.

Broiler farms raise chickens that supply grocery stores, restaurants, and any place that you would get chicken from to consume. Breeder farms, however, produce the eggs that are sent to the broiler farms after they hatch. Breeder farms are the first step in the process of producing chickens that will eventually be consumed.

Aside from the fundamental difference between what the two farms produce, there are other differences. Broiler farms are less labor intensive, so a farmer can handle up to six broiler houses with occasional day labor. Breeder farms, on the other hand, require more hours of hands-on labor. A two-house breeder farm requires several hours per day of gathering eggs, checking for dead birds, repairs, and other farm-related chores.

The length of time that the two different types of farms keep their flock varies greatly. Broiler farms only keep their flock anywhere from 36 to 63 days, depending on the target weight of the birds. Breeder farms keep their flock for approximately a year.

Another major difference is the variation in turnaround time. Broiler farms turn their houses around in just a few days to a few weeks, while breeder farms usually take 6 weeks to be ready for new birds.

Based on these differences, the type of farm you should be looking into depends on the amount of time and labor you have available. Check out all of our poultry listings available! 

About the Author
John Alumbaugh joined National Land Realty in 2019. John has 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, working in the niche market of poultry farms. He has a rural/farming background, having grown up on a farm where he and his family raised cotton, soybeans, corn, watermelons and cantaloupes, hogs, chickens, cattle, and horses. John previously worked with Picket Fences Realty as Broker/Owner for 13 years and spent two years at BrokerSouth Real Estate. He has a master’s degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in church education and choral music, as well as a bachelor’s degree from Excelsior University. He is involved in several organizations including the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Mississippi Association of Realtors, Agriculture Industrial Commercial Real Estate (ACI) Jackson MS, Mississippi Poultry Association (MPA) and Oak Forest Baptist Church. When he’s not helping clients, you can find him directing music at his church, which he has been doing for over 40 years. John and his wife, Joni, have a son, Jacob, and a Dachshund named Maggie. View John's Listings and Reviews on