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NLR Stories

Blessings in Life: The Game Changer That is NLR

August 9, 2023

Before I joined National Land Realty, I had been in the land brokerage business for several years and was trying to figure out what I wanted out of life. I was unhappy at my previous brokerage due to typical greed and control mindsets. I don’t do well being micro-managed, so I opened a small-town firm, hired an agent, and went to work. Then reality hit—the expenses, the time, the headaches, and the expenses again. I was a single dad at the time trying to make life work while running my own business. 

At the time, my goals were to grow a small team of great friends that loved the outdoors and wanted to make some money to make those dreams come true. I wanted to become successful for my daughter at the time and to be someone that she would be proud to call her dad. I’m a simple person with big dreams. 

My biggest struggles were time, money, and life management. Being that I had opened my own firm, there were marketing fees, office expenses, fees, accounting, social media, and the endless amount of phone calls which normally would have been welcomed but became overwhelming after a day of everything else. I was struggling to be a good parent because I was so focused on being the owner/broker/boss etc. 

While I was proud to be an owner, at the same time I felt defeated and tired from all the behind-the-scenes work that no one got to see. Burning a candle at both ends of the stick never works! I wouldn’t say I hit rock bottom, but I did have an epiphany one day that there had to be an easier way, and National Land provided that easier way!

I overcame the challenges I was facing in my own brokerage by putting the pride and prestige of being a “business owner” aside and shaking hands with National Land Realty. I felt the weight lift off my shoulders almost immediately. Jason Walter explained it best when he told me, “You do what you’re good at, selling land, and let us handle the rest.” 

This freedom from the day-to-day brokerage responsibilities has allowed me to focus more on my family along with building a great team of agents in North Carolina and Virginia. I am better at serving my client’s needs without the stress of backend operations weighing me down.

My family and I aren’t the only ones whose lives have changed as a result of my transition to National Land Realty. There are a lot of people that have benefited including the agents that work with me in this office. This one door that opened for me, has allowed me to open doors and provide income opportunities for 15 different families throughout my region. 

Since that handshake with National Land Realty, my business has quadrupled because I have been able to focus on the task at hand of selling land instead of managing the day-to-day operations of running a business. It has meant everything to my family and I, and I could never thank Jason Walter and National Land Realty enough for the doors they’ve opened for me! Regardless of your motivations as a land broker, if you want to make more money and have more free time, there’s no better option than National Land Realty!

About the Author
Aaron Sutton is an Eastern North Carolina native as he was born and raised in Kinston, NC. He attended East Carolina University where he graduated with a Degree in Construction Management and a Minor in Business in 2011. Aaron brings a vast amount of knowledge to the land sales market as an avid sportsman, conservationist, and role model to young hunters. He has traveled North Carolina hunting from the mountains to the coast and ventured throughout the US and Canada on hunting trips as well. Aaron currently lives in Kinston with his wife Leslie, his 10-year-old daughter Aarlee Micah, and his 4-year-old son Beau. Aaron was named a Top Ten National Producer in 2017, 2018, and 2022 along with being named Managing Broker of the Year for 2019. Also in 2022, the Eastern NC office was named the National Office of the Year which Aaron manages. He has a great understanding of the local area with regard to farmland, timber tracts, and hunting properties. With over 15 years of real estate experience, Aaron understands how to obtain or sell properties with the customer's best interests at heart. He also has created a niche for himself by building relationships amongst clients as he promotes integrity, honesty, and creating mutual trust between himself and buyers or sellers.