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NLR Stories

Structure and Stability in Land Real Estate

July 1, 2024

Raised in a real estate family, I always had an interest in selling land. I remember 2008 very well and decided to join the U.S. Navy after high school. After serving for 5 years, I got my real estate license and started with National Land Realty in 2014. I remember how supportive National Land Realty was and how much grace they showed me as a new agent going to college at night and working during the day. 

As cliché as it sounds, I enjoy helping people. National Land Realty has provided me with a support system that makes helping buyers and sellers so much easier. Time is the greatest equalizer and also the most valuable commodity. The proprietary systems National Land Realty has developed and implemented have allowed me, as an agent, to have more time selling rather than managing a business. As a broker in charge, these same systems have made management seamless.

During and post-COVID, the land market in my area was booming. One of the greatest struggles we faced was staying organized. National Land Realty has built an incredible backend system that’s helped to structure my business. The freedoms the real estate business offers can provide an opportunity for great success but can also be detrimental to success for some. The structure processes NLR has implemented ensure success.

During the crazy real estate market, it was a stressful time. Selling over 40 properties in one year is a lot to manage. However, the aforementioned tools NLR has developed made keeping track of things so much easier.

The accountability, structure, and organization NLR offers are proven to drive more sales. More important than driving sales though, these tools will help you be a better agent and provide a better service to your client!

Since joining NLR in 2014, NLR has shown me the path of becoming a producing, organized real estate agent that provides value to buyers and sellers alike. I can’t think of any other real estate firm that invests time and effort into its agents like National Land Realty!

About the Author
Cailein Campbell is a Land Broker based out of our Wilmington Office in North Carolina. Cailein joined the NLR team after serving in the Navy. His previous experience includes assisting in the development of a 92 acre parcel into hospitality property and restoring cabins for The Cottages at Spring House Farm. Cailein's broad knowledge of land and the outdoors, along with his terrific people skills, makes him the perfect match for the National Land team. He looks forward to educating his clients on unique property tracts and showing them the benefits to land ownership. View Cailein's Listings and Reviews on