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Leasing: Tenants

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Are you in need of land? Are you curious about the potential of leasing farmland, hunting, or recreational land near you, but don't know where to start?

Whether you're a farmer looking for farmland for lease or an outdoorsman looking for a place to hunt and unwind, National Land Realty is here to help those looking to lease land every step of the way. While buying land outright is a fantastic investment for many, leasing land provides an opportunity to use land without the capital required for a purchase or the many responsibilities and headaches that can come with a land purchase.

Our experienced local leasing experts utilize cutting-edge GIS technology to identify properties that fit your specific needs, regardless of whether they're currently up for lease. With Land Tour 360®, National Land Realty's proprietary 3D property-touring technology, you can get a feel for a property on our website without ever stepping foot onsite, saving you precious time on your hunt for the right piece of land. With a network of 400+ Land Professionals across the United States, we're prepared to find the perfect lease for you, no matter where you might be.

National Land Realty can facilitate your entire lease from start to finish and beyond, ensuring that you've got all the access you want at a fair market rate and mediating any conflicts that may arise during the tenure of your lease. Our leasing experts aren't just looking to fill leases, they're committed to connecting tenants with the right piece of land and protecting their lease agreements throughout the term. Your leasing expert with National Land Realty is your partner in all things land, and if the day should come when you decide you're ready to make a land purchase of your own, we'll be ready to help you on that journey too.

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