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Leasing: Landowners

Did you know your land could generate consistent income with little to no action on your part? Leasing land with National Land Realty is an easy way to get a competitive, premium lease rate and maximize income with your land investment without getting your hands dirty!

Our experienced land leasing experts are here to mediate the entire leasing process on your behalf from start to finish. From finding and vetting potential tenants and outlining the lease terms to ensuring that these terms are being met. Equipped with the latest land value data, our leasing experts have the knowledge to accurately price the rent on your lease to ensure that your lease is not only filled but also generating the most income possible. National Land Realty is also equipped to facilitate online cash rent auctions to inspire competition between potential tenants and drive up the price of your cash rent even further.

Listing your land for lease with National Land Realty means showcasing it in breathtaking 3D with Land Tour 360®, our proprietary 3D property touring technology. Using aerial drone photography, we can present your property to prospective tenants in a way that allows them to get a boots-on-the-ground experience without ever stepping foot on site. Land Tour 360® is a powerful marketing tool that will make your property really pop, lending to a potentially faster leasing process.

Your property is your most important investment, and our leasing professionals are committed to protecting it on your behalf. When you choose to lease your land with National Land Realty, you aren't just signing an agreement with a lease facilitator; you're starting a relationship with your personal partner in land management.

Whether it's help planning improvement projects, or finding local reputable service providers for your needs, our Land Professionals are prepared to be your go-to land management assistant for years to come. If ever there comes a day when you decide to move on to greener pastures, National Land Realty will be ready to help you every step of the way.

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