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How to Safely Use a Tractor

September 20, 2021
green tractor plowing the fields on focus photography
Photo by Jannis Knorr on

Happy Farm Health and Safety Week! This is the first of 4 blogs I’ll be releasing in order to keep all our farmer friends safe and sound while they continue doing their amazing work. This blog is going to focus on tractor safety as a whole and offer some tips that the USDA recommends you follow to ensure you are safely using your tractor!

  1. Mounting and Dismounting

This is a super important tip; always mount and dismount your tractor from the left side in order to avoid controls. This is super important to keep yourself and your tractor and anything in its path safe because if you hit a control, your tractor will start doing commands you didn’t order. The easiest way to avoid all of the right side controls is to avoid the right side altogether until you are safely in your tractor and ready to work!

2. Seatbelts

Just like in a car, seatbelts are super important on a tractor! When you get in your tractor, you should always make sure the first thing you do is buckle up (yes, even before turning the tractor on). The seatbelt should always be fitted with a roll-over protective structure (ROPS).

3. Always follow procedures

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the obvious isn’t easy to remember. When using a tractor, you should always follow safe maintenance as well as have up-to-date maintenances scheduled. You should also always use the correct jacking procedures if you are performing your own maintenance on the tractor! These may seem like simple things, but it’s easy to forget simple things, so it’s always nice to be reminded.

4. The Operator

The operator of the tractor is the most at risk when using heavy machinery. Some simple protective tips: always buckle up when using your tractor, always wear protective hearing gear and remove starter keys if the tractor is not in use. Going over a mental checklist using these tips and making sure you are doing these simple, yet effective, tips are important to ensure the safety of the operator is promised!

5. Avoiding injury

To avoid injuries while using your tractor, always make sure you check that your seat is adjusted to the person operating the tractor, ensure you dismount around every hour to do something active to avoid strain and stiffness later on, and dismount by climbing down (not jumping). These steps can help you to avoid becoming injured while using your machinery and ensures a healthy farmer after every use!


All information used in this article was gathered from the USDA Agricultural Research Service page on tractor safety. For more information visit their site.


About the Author
Liv grew up in Anderson, SC, and attended Coastal Carolina University where she majored in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She became the Marketing Communications Specialist for National Land Realty in July of 2021. In her free time, Liv can be found spending time with family and friends, hiking with her dog, Brisket, or caring for one of her many house plants.