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The National Land Podcast

Shot Placement and the Ethics of the Hunt

October 13, 2023

Today Mac Christian is talking with the crew from Buckventures! Cole Cannon, Jeff Danker, and Daniel McVay are here and we are tackling a controversial topic, shot placement and hunt ethics. Now, we have to put a disclaimer on this, because there is no shortage of opinion on this topic. Shot placement and hunting ethics are personal standards that hunters must put on themselves. It’s a line that you draw personally and we aren’t judging anybody else’s standards.

We are discussing our own standards here and it’s a line we have all established for ourselves. However, make sure to find National Land Realty’s social media post on this podcast to chip in on this conversation, we’d love to hear your opinion. Also in this podcast, we discuss charitable causes and volunteer efforts that the Buckventures team are engaged in. That is something with absolutely zero controversy, the team is doing amazing work with kids. There’s a lot of great content here.

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