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The National Land Podcast

Procrastinating Taxes: How 1031 Exchanges Benefit Landowners

September 8, 2023

IRS Section 1031 is one of the most powerful exceptions in the IRS tax code for landowners. This exception allows the postponement of tax on the gains created from the proceeds of land or investment property if the proceeds are reinvested in a similar land or investment property. David Gorenberg is the Director of Education for Accruit, a 1031 exchange intermediary. David has made a career out of building 1031 exchange programs and providing 1031 education for more than 30 years, which makes him one of the leading experts on 1031 exchanges in the United States. Today, Mac Christian talks with David in-depth about 1031 exchanges when to use them, when not to, the politics around 1031 exchanges, and how they can benefit landowners. Disclaimer: This is one of our longer episodes. I completely lost track of time because this is absolutely fascinating information and this runs over an hour. Don’t let that distract you, this episode is full of EXTREMELY valuable information for landowners. Do not miss this.

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