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The National Land Podcast

National Land Realty’s Marketing Unveiled: CEO and CMO Discuss

October 27, 2023

It’s not every day that your boss gets to sit you down in front of an audience and let you validate your existence. Today is that day. In this episode, the CEO of National Land Realty gets to ask me anything on his mind about how we do things at National Land Realty. Ronnie Richardson is today’s host and he has worked with land real estate long enough to have sold properties in the original 13 colonies… “I’m probably getting fired for that comment but it was worth it.” 

Ronnie is one of the best land agents in the country and today he gets to ask me what the heck we do for our agents. If you’re an agent and you want to know how companies like National Land Realty work, or if you are a land owner and you are curious how land agents market your property, this episode is for you.

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National Land Realty specializes in farm, ranch, recreational, timber, country estates, and commercial development properties. We’ve created the world’s best way to buy, sell, lease, and experience land. One seamless hub of knowledge, unprecedented data, and game-changing technology— accessible from anywhere. Our agents offer local expertise, with the support of a national network.