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5 Things Farmers Can Do Daily to Stay Healthy

September 21, 2021

Today for Farmer Health and Safety week, we’re gonna talk about overall farmer health and tips and tricks to stay healthy. Health goes beyond the body and includes the physical and mental aspects of it. So, let’s discuss!

woman drinking water
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  1. Hydration

When you’re working in a field whether it be with animals or crops, you are exposed to harsh conditions. This can be extreme heat or cold, ruthless UV rays year-round, or even exposure to allergens in the air. One way to battle all of these things is by staying hydrated. Some great hydration drinks include Liquid IVs, Body Armor, Gatorade, and the simplest of them all… WATER!

2. Sun Protection

Going along with hydration, sun protection is just as important and can actually help you stay hydrated in the long run by avoiding wind/sunburn and preventing future dehydration. Sunblock may sound a little annoying to apply every morning, and you may just sweat it off, but it is just as important as all dermatologists make it out to be! Hats, long sleeves, and long pants can also be helpful. In the winter these things can keep you warm and protected, and in summer you can wear cooling versions of all of them!

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3. Sleep

Sleep is very important for everyone, without it we’d all go mad! Sleep deprivation can cause a multitude of issues, the main one being the functionality of the brain. Without sleep, our brains can be very forgetful and careless causing us to make simple mistakes (both big and small) in our work. It can also cause irritability and grogginess making working harder or, in some cases, not even possible. So get a good 8 hours of sleep a night and treat your crops and animals with the best care that they all deserve!

4. Diet

Everyone needs a good diet no matter what age or profession they are! Healthy foods are what fuel our bodies with the nutrients we need to perform everyday tasks. Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast, take time to go inside and sit down for lunch, and have a filling dinner with greens you probably grew yourself in order to stay on your toes! Everything is good in moderation, right? So enjoy a piece of dessert, splurge on a bigger lunch with friends or family, but make sure you are digesting before you get back to work and letting that nutrients course through your body!

5. Mental Health

Last, but certainly not least, is mental health! We are in a day and age where mental health is spoken on much more. Burnout is real and I know you’ve experienced it before. You have days you’re sad, days you may be overwhelmed, days you’re extremely happy! Each of these days are worthy and valid. Mental health is so important because your brain is what keeps you going! So please, take a weekend away from work, breathe, and take breaks when your brain needs them! Your mental health matters just as much as your physical health.


About the Author
Liv grew up in Anderson, SC, and attended Coastal Carolina University where she majored in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She became the Marketing Communications Specialist for National Land Realty in July of 2021. In her free time, Liv can be found spending time with family and friends, hiking with her dog, Brisket, or caring for one of her many house plants.