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20 Incredible Cabins and Country Homes

April 18, 2016

If you dream of owning a piece a land to call home or “home away from home” then you have come to the right place. Below you will find a mix of 20 incredible cabins, country homes, acreages, farmhouses, cottages, lake houses and more.

Rustic cabin in the country. (Source: Click Here)


Cabin on the lake / Lake House (Source: Click Here)


Quiet log cabin in the woods (Source: Click Here)


Traditional Farm House in the country. (Source: Click Here)


(Source: Click Here)
Cozy Country Home. (Source: Click Here)


(Source: Click Here)
Open Barn House/Cabin (Source: Click Here)


(Source: Click Here)
Country Home on an acreage. (Source: Click Here)


(Source: Click Here)
Hill Country Cabin in Austin, TX. (Source: Click Here)


(Source: Click Here)
Cabin retreat in South Carolina. (Source: Click Here)


Cottage with white picket fence. (Source: Click Here)


Cabin in the bayou. (Source: Click Here)


Fishing Cabin with screened porch. (Source: Click Here)


Rustic barn with living quarters. (Source: Click Here)


Rustic Cabin on a mountain lake in the Big Sky Mountains. (Source: Click Here)


Small Cabin on the lake with walk out basement. (Source: Click Here)


Small cabin/cottage/acreage in the country. (Source: Click Here)


Raised Cabin
Raised rustic cabin with large patio underneath.


Country home/cabin with scenic views.


South Carolina Cabin Retreat


Small cabin in the woods.

Finding a piece of land for sale that fits within your budget and is perfect for you, your family and friends to enjoy is not as easy as it may sound. Whether you are looking for a log cabin with mountain views, a hunting cabin in the woods, a small cabin on the river, a country cottage or country home on an acreage, a farmhouse, a lake house, or something else, contact your local NLR Land Professional, who can help you quickly find the exact piece of land you are looking for.

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